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Top 10 Ugliest Cars Ever Manufactured

Everyone loves cars that portray one’s status. Some cars are sleek and beautiful and they run smoothly and faster than hundreds of horses. But if you possess an ugly car, it will leave a stain on your image. Here are some ugliest cars.

Volkswagen Beetle

Ugliest Cars

The car is small in size and you can think it’s cute. Looking unique doesn’t always mean looking good. Sometimes it yields major eyesores. Volkswagen Beetle: price: $19,795 to $23,395; gas mileage: 21-22 city mpg/29-31 highway mpg. Its shape is very atrocious.

Nissan Juke

Ugliest Cars

Nissan Juke is definitely one of the ugliest cars. The model is uncanny. It has been a frequent target of top-10 ugliest car lists. The whole car has an odd shapes and angles with a weird front end. The headlights are where the foglights should be. The parking lights are where the headlights should be.