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Top 10 Health Benefits of Rambutan

Rambutan is a tropical fruit and native to Southeast Asia. The scientific name of this fruit is Nephelium Laapaceum. The name rambutan comes from an Indonesian name “rambut” which means hair. Rambutan tree belongs to a group of tropical trees that bear fruits like the lychee, mamoncillo and longan. This strange fruit has lots of benefits. Here are the health benefits of Rambutan.

Helps to Lose Weight

Benefits of Rambutan

Though, rambutan is a low calorie content but it is high in fiber. However, it’s not only the fiber that helps to keep you full and promote weight loss but it’s the water content. They contain lots of water that is imbibed by the body over time and trick you into thinking that your stomach is full. Its seeds also help reduce weight, but you must remember that raw seeds can be somehow dangerous, which is why it is advised to crush the seeds and combine them with other foods.

Promotes Blood Cells

Benefits of Rambutan

Rambutan is very helpful to increase red and white blood cells. This all may happen due to high copper content. Red and white cells are accountable for carrying oxygen throughout the blood system while defending the organism from microbial attack at all times. Rambutan also contains manganese which humans need to produce useful enzymes that perform a variety of vital biochemical functions.