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Signs That Show Your Boss is a Weak Manager

When it comes to the hunting of the employment we are anxious about whether we will get through or miss the boat. With help of your brilliance and skills you can get the job but do you have the right choice of your boss? Your boss can be very good manager or a weak manager. But the question is how you will identify a weak manager. Weak manager can be one who have great ideas and solutions of every problem but will not let you shine.

Weak managers are always afraid of their employees’ growth. They set back on the progression of them. Here are the some signs of weak managers are mentioned that tell they will not let you flourish.

weak manager

Signs of Weak Manager

  • Your manager talks about their own qualification and background and brag about their skills and all efforts that they made to achieve the platform in your interview.
  • Your manager is interested to know your ideas and further trying to implement them without hiring you so that later they can hire more obedient employee whom they can tell what to work on.
  • Your manager is weak manager if they tell you not many job applicants are eligible to work with them.
  • Your manager is talking about the hierarchy structure of the company because they are always obsessed for their own position.
  • If your hiring manager is emphasizing on department rather than employees team then they are weak manager.
  • If your hiring manager is trying to take credit for efforts of their employees such as “I have built this amazing team that’s why this project has been implemented.”
  • If your manager doesn’t ask you about previous job and what you are looking for in new job. Instead they are asking you how you can make them happy.
  • If you take the courage to solve the problem and give awesome ideas to tackle the situation your manager’s face gets pale. And they will try to let you down by picking holes in your ideas.
  • Your manager is a weak manager if they are not supporting in your career growth, and new opportunities to represent the company in entirely new ways.

People with growing career perspective should be perspicacious to identify whether their manager is good or weak. Some people can be good in dealing with difficult managers but truth is your emotional and physical health suffers a lot.