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Rich Celebrities Who Got Arrested for Shoplifting

It is really astonishing if a celebrity is caught while shoplifting. How awful it is one who is affluent and live luxurious life robs something from a shop. It is awkward because it’s something that poor people do. Here are some rich celebrities that were arrested for shoplifting.

Amy Schumer

Rich Celebrities

When she was younger, she and her sister would steal items from department stores and then return them for cash. She did this for some time until she was eventually arrested. The police charged her with grand larceny.

Lindsay Lohan

Rich Celebrities

Lohan walked out of a store with a $2,500 necklace. Maybe Lohan was struggling financially as many reports reported, but she still was worth enough to cover the cost of the jewelry if she wanted it so much. Even today, after years of not working, Lohan is worth about half a million dollars.