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Here is What Happens When You Stop Wearing Heels

Many women choose to wear high heels but all things are not always good for us that we enjoy doing. Wearing high heels can be detrimental to your feet. Here is what happens to your body when you stop wearing heels.

What Happens when You Wear High Heels?

Wearing Heels

After some studies, doctors and researchers have come to know exactly how the body functions when a woman wears high heels.  High heels cause the stomach to push forward and the butt to push back. While this may look nice, it changes the natural distribution of weight on your spine and adds pressure to your lower back.

Some reports show one vertebrae pushing forward in front of another as a result of wearing high heels can be extremely painful condition. Wearing high heels causes wreak havoc with your legs. When you wear high heels, it alters your feet position and as a result your calf muscles get shorter. This leads to shortened Achilles tendons. This may not hurt you when you are wearing heels, but you’ll definitely notice it when you switch back to flats.

When your feet are in flat position, your foot once again maintains a 90° angle with your legs. Suddenly, your Achilles tendons are under a massive amount of pressure. This can cause the tendon to strain or even tear.