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How to Grow Perfect Eyebrows by Rubbing Onion

Do you draw eyebrow through eye kohl (Kajal)? You don’t have bushy eyebrows and you want it? Then don’t worry because without anteing up on exorbitant cosmetic products you can have bushy, shinning and perfect eyebrows.

Many people ask beautician how to grow eyebrows but get entangled in expensive cosmetic products which sometimes don’t give positive results.  Dubai based beauty aficionado Huda Heidi Kattan has made a video to viral the approach of getting bushy eyebrows.

The beauty connoisseur says onion has sulphur which thickens hair and fastens the hair growth. Sulphur improves the production of collagen tissues. It also strengthens the hair follicles. If you have little hair on eyebrows, you should rub onion every day. But be cautious while rubbing it as it can get in your eyes.

Here are the steps to follow in order to get thick hair on eyebrows.

Step 1

perfect eyebrows

Take an onion, peel it off and then wash with normal water. Afterwards cut it into two halves.

The skin around your eyebrows can be super sensitive.

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