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How Green Bananas Differ From Yellow Bananas

You have been told bananas are good for your health. Have you ever thought of green bananas? If you ask anybody which is better – yellow banana or green banana, people will be baffled about.

Most people don’t like green bananas because of their taste but they are safe to eat and have incredible health benefits.

High Starch in Green Bananas

Green Bananas

Green bananas are high in starch. Much of the starch is resistant starch that is not easily absorbed by small intestines. But as they ripe, they lose most of their starch. Ripe bananas almost contain 1% of starch.

In ripe bananas starch is turned into sugar. Though it is loaded with several minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and lots of fiber but they may have downside for diabetic patients.