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Celebrities Who Became Victim of Casting Couch

Competition is fierce in Hollywood entertainment industry and struggling actors and actresses try to move heaven and earth to get the role and this passion sometimes coaxes them to do something that leads them to in deep water. Casting couch is a practice whereby actresses are granted parts in films or plays in lieu of sexual favors to the casting directors and producers. Here are some celebrities that have become the victim of casting couch.

Marilyn Monroe

Casting Couch

When it comes to casting couch, she is an interesting example. She had many casting couch experiences. Though, she dismissed the trading of sex for stardom airily but she confessed that she had slept with producers. She admitted to sleeping with people to advance her career.

Helen Mirren

Casting Couch

Helen Mirren had a casting-couch experience in 1964 with director Michael Winner. The director made her body flaunt for him. Helen was furious and thought it was affronting and sexist.