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Can Probiotics Be Beneficial for Brain Health?

Bacteria are notorious for causing diseases and thus the thought of tossing bacteria down is petrifying. But scientists have discovered that our body needs to have certain types of bacteria to stay healthy. Probiotics are live microorganism, usually called good bacteria. When they are consumed in sufficient quantities, they provide a specific health benefit.

Most of these bacteria reside in your gut and don’t cause any health problems. In fact new research has found these bacteria may also be beneficial for your brain and mental health. This article talks about how probiotics can be beneficial for health.

How is it Healthy for Brain?


Probiotics are substantial for intestinal health. They feed good bacteria in intestines that prevent irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation and infection. The intestines and brain are connected physically and biochemically. The physical connection between the intestines and brain is through the central nervous system. The vagus nerve is a large nerve that sends signals between the intestines and brain. These bacteria can produce different compounds, such as short-chain fatty acids, neurotransmitters and amino acids. Many of these substances have effects on the brain.