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Billionaires Who Were Once Impecunious

Billionaires are always fascinating because we want to be as affluent as they are. Some of them you have heard and some of them probably you won’t know about. Sure, it’s not so easy to be a billionaire. Most of billionaires have inherited money but you will be astounded to know about billionaires who were impoverished. Here is the list of those billionaires.

Walt Disney


Everyone is familiar with the name of Walt Disney but how much do you know about him? When he was young, he used to sell his drawings to his neighbors to make money. In 1918, he started a company called Laugh-O-Grams, but unfortunately it went bankrupt. Afterwards, he left for Hollywood with only $20. It was there that his talents were recognized and his empire began and today he has total assets of $ 90 billion.

Li Ka-Shing


Li Ka-Shing contracted tuberculosis (TB) when he was young and survived but his father died of TB. The family lost their source of income and was forced to sell the father’s possessions to keep them afloat. Li Ka-Shing got a manual labor job, instead, working 100 hours per week. He took the knowledge he gained at work to start his own plastics company, which made him the richest person in Hong Kong, with a net worth of almost $20 billion.