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Avoid These Foods if You are Suffering from Diabetes

You have to be perspicacious about your food, if you are diabetic. The prime goal of diabetic people is to avoid food that spikes blood sugar. People with diabetes are at very high risk of cardiovascular diseases. Thus it is very important for diabetic people to know which food they should avoid in case of diabetes.

White Rice


White rice is poisonous to diabetic patient. Having white rice in case of diabetes means exacerbation of the problem. A study has shown that eating white rice has association with spike in blood sugar level. And the risk of diabetes increases by 11% for each additional daily serving. Instead of brown rice consumption could be better.

Bananas and Melons


Fresh fruits like bananas and melon are loaded with several vitamins and water content. They are efficacious for skin, bones and colon. But these fruits can be a fuel to fire for diabetic patients. However unripe bananas may be beneficial. Some other fruits like berries and apples are beneficial.