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Here is Why Alkaline Diet is Important

What if Body has Unbalanced pH Level

Alkaline Diet

A poor pH balance in the body can cause many health problems and a general feeling of ill health. High acidity level in the body is called Acidosis. Symptoms of acidosis include insomnia, headaches, frequent sighing, water retention, low blood pressure, sensitivity to vinegar and acidic fruits and bumps on the tongue.

The human body’s optimal pH range is between 7.35 and 7.45, only slightly alkaline. If your body has too much alkaline level, that is also execrable. While the kidneys and other organs work to maintain a healthy pH, some circumstances can lead to too-high alkalinity levels, a condition called alkalosis.

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Unlike many other strange diets, the alkaline diet is actually quite healthy.  It encourages a high consumption of fruits, vegetables and healthy plant foods, while restricting processed junk foods. The alkaline diet is healthy because it is based on real and unprocessed foods.