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24 Super Healthy Foods That You Should Add to Your Diet

To maintain healthy lifestyle is not a piece of cake. It requires balanced diet and intense workout. There is a massive amount of foods that can give you incredible benefits. Here are some super healthy foods that you should add to your diet.


Fruits are very rich foods that contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Daily intake of fruits can keep several diseases at bay. Here are some fruits that should be incorporated in your diet.


Super Healthy Foods

If you are hungry, apples are perfect snacks. They are rich in fiber, iron and vitamin C. It’s a perfect food to keep stomach full and eliminate constipation.


Super Healthy Foods

Avocado is also nutritious fruit. They’re loaded with healthy fats, fiber and carb. It’s a delicious fruit that can fill you full when you’re hungry. It helps in weight management. It contains some antioxidants as well that are beneficial for health.


Super Healthy Foods

Whole orange is loaded with fiber and vitamin C. As vitamin C acts as an antioxidant thus it is conducive to prevent infections and viruses attack.


Super Healthy Foods

Bananas are rich in potassium. They are potent to maintain bones health. It is also high in vitamin B6 and fiber.