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21 Country Borders that will Surely Amaze You

We all hail from different parts of world. We all are citizens of different countries, different culture, and different life style. Every country has its own territory which is demarcated in order to manifest the distinction. Here are country borders that will surely hit you in the eye which fence off with borders of other countries. These borders show that when you step into a new country, you are entering a new world. Some country borders are portrayed by natural markers and some are delineated by manmade markers.

USA and Mexico Border

Country Borders

The USA and Mexico is separated by a single line. American side on the left is conservative however the Mexican side is triggered with buildings and traffic.

USA and Canada Border

Country Borders

The clear line between USA and Canada demonstrates the clear distinction of two countries by a border. The USA side and Canada side both are similar to each other.

Netherlands and Belgium Border

Country Borders

Netherland and Belgium are separated by a thin border line which is marked on the ground. On the left, Netherlands is beautifully embellished with wooden chairs and tables.

Haiti and Dominican Republic Border

Country Borders

The differentiation between Haiti and Republic is made to make the significant environmental improvements at the border zone which was due to poverty, soil erosion and deforestation.

India and Pakistan Border

Country Borders

The Himalayan border separates India and Pakistan from each other, traverses a variety of terrains ranging from urban areas to inhospitable deserts.

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