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10 Most Magnificent Greek Sculptures

There is a lot of history attached to Greek sculptures. Ancient Greeks have contributed to our civilization more than most people realize. Here are the most magnificent Greek sculptures of the ancient world.

The Charioteer of Delphi

Greek Sculptures

The Charioteer of Delphi is one of the best and most winsome Greek sculptures. This statue is also known as Heniokhos. This is considered one of the finest examples of ancient bronze sculptures. The statue was erected at Delphi to honor the victory of the tyrant Polyzalos of Gela in Sicily and his chariot in the Pythian Games of 478 or 474 B.C. It has also been suggested that the complex was actually commemorating the victory of Polyzalos’ brother, Hieron, at the Pythian Games of 470 B.C. in analogy to his ex voto after his victory at the Olympic Games.

Lacoon and His Sons

Greek Sculptures

Another famous Greek sculpture is the statue of Laocoon and His Sons. This sculpture is also called the Laocoon. The renowned ancient work was excavated in Rome in 1506 and placed on public display in the Vatican. This life-size statue is made of marble and depicts a Trojan priest named Lacoon, together with his sons Thymbraeus and Antiphantes. Some analysts suggest that it has gone through several restorations since it was exhumed.