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10 Countries with the Lowest Crime Rates


Lowest Crime Rates

Iceland is believed to be one of the most peaceful countries. There is the lowest crime rate, though the country has about 700 police officers. The country faced no murder in 2003, 2006 and 2008. However, only 1 murder was reported in 2012. Therefore, the homicide rate is .3 per 1000,000 inhabitants. simply because there isn’t any use of them. Prisons in Iceland collectively have only about 200 prisoners and even they are allowed to go home and visit their families periodically.


Lowest Crime Rates

Ireland boasts a very low crime rate, with only 0.32 homicide rate per 100 thousand people. There are over 300 police officers per one hundred thousand people in Ireland, which makes it a pretty secure place compared to their British neighbors.