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Most Disturbing Movies Ever to Watch

Admit it. You love to cuddle with blanket in winter nights when you watch horror movies. Try to peek through your hands as you can’t miss even a minute scene. But there are several horror movies that can be quite disturbing to you. Here are the most disturbing movies ever to watch.

Excision (2012)

Most Disturbing Movies

Though, the movie went really well in starting but later the movie deals so heavily around period blood that it is enough to make any person squeamish. The movie consists of most disgusting and grotesque scenes that combine menstruation and murder.

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Most Disturbing Movies

In the movie several animals got brutally slaughtered. The movie also portrayed sexual violence. It has been banned in over 50 countries. The violence in the movie was so extreme that the movie was literally confiscated after 10 days with legal authorities looking into whether actors were genuinely killed during the making of it.