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Laser Hair Removal Benefits and Side Effects

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser Hair Removal

First thing to note that laser hair removal treatment doesn’t guarantee permanent hair extermination. Laser treatment can slacken the growth and cause hair thinning. Most people experience re-growth within six months, but the hair that grows back is often finer and lighter. Successive treatments enhance the permanence of laser hair removal.

Laser treatment leads to Permanent Hair Reduction not Permanent Hair Removal. This simply means that some re-growth is to be expected, this is not a permanent hair-removal solution for most consumers.

Laser treatment can also cause redness, burning sensation, itching, skin discoloration, swelling and infection. Another fact is laser treatment only targets melanin. It is pigment that gives skin and hair dark color. People with dark hair have more success with this treatment than people with light hair.

Pigmentation changes can occur in the skin after laser therapy. The skin may become temporarily lighter or darker in the treatment area. Usually, the discoloration gradually fades back to normal. However, permanent discoloration can occur in some patients. It can cause scarring.

Not only this but eye injuries also can result because of the laser. Eye safety is imperative when having any kind of laser treatment. Eyewear suitable for the laser wavelength will prevent any eye injuries resulting from direct or indirect laser contact.