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Virtual Tour of Mars with Microsoft HoloLens

MarsAfter a long discovery on existence of life on Mars the fact came up that no life exists on Mars but what if you are given a chance to go for a virtual tour of Mars? NASA and Microsoft have associated to offer a virtual tour of an area of Mars using the latest technology Microsoft HoloLens.

It will be a wonderful experience for people to explore a world in which real and virtual objects will interact. The Curiosity Mars Rover will help in exploring the sites of Mars that have been captured by it since August 2012.

The tour “Destination Mars” will not only give the Holographic tour but also explain the exciting discoveries about the planet that scientists have made. This way will let the public to explore Mars in a new way.

MarsThey have heard about several discoveries on this planet either through news or internet but first time they will be given a chance to explore the planet with the help of cutting wdge technology.

One of the Curiosity science team members uses OnSight to control the movement of rover. This is used to decide where rover should move and which feature should be studied in depth.

According to the team member this technology makes more natural sense to her and it also makes feel that she is in the field when she puts it on. Therefore scientists have decided to use the technology such as OnSight for “Destination Mars” that will offer participants glimpse of the planet.