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10 Countries with the Lowest Crime Rates

Crime is prevalent pretty much everywhere on the planet. Some countries have a much lower crime rate than others and it’s all executed due to stringent law and order and the effective way of upholding the laws. Here are 10 countries with the lowest crime rates.


Lowest Crime Rates

Cyprus is an island that is considered to be one of the most peaceful and safest places in Europe. It is one of the few places in the world where unlocked doors are a normal thing, even at night-times. The low crime rate in the country is for sure the main reason why several tourists are enticed to it.


Lowest Crime Rates

Security in Denmark is pretty tight with around 200 police officers for every hundred thousand inhabitants. With not much crime in sight and a murder rate below 0.1 per 100,000 people; it makes Denmark one of the safest places to live on the planet. Danes experience serenity, peace of mind and security in their country.